How to Merge Multiple CSVs into a Single File

How to Merge Multiple CSVs into a Single File Here’s an ultra-easy solution to the challenge of merging multiple CSV files into a single file. I’m on a Mac OSX and used Terminal or iTerm Move all the CSV files into the same folder Open Terminal or iTerm or your favourite command-line app cd path-to-the-csv-folder  […]

Custom Aspect Videos with Elementor

elementor video widget

How to Insert Custom Aspect Ratio Videos with Elementor Video Widget At this time Elementor page builder for WordPress doesn’t support custom aspect ratios for its video widget. Here’s how to change that and insert videos of any aspect ratio – use the built-in Elementor Video widget and select your video   – choose the […]

Custom Website Design

cape enrage new brunswick 2

Quality Web Design in Moncton, NB Panchroma Website Design offers high quality website design and development for businesses and professionals in Moncton, New Brunswick and across Canada and the US. We specialize in developing modern, professional and functional websites that users find attractive and easy to use. It is our goal to create an effective […]

Test Internet Explorer and Android on Mac OSX – For Free!

test ie microsoft edge on mac osx

Cross-browser testing on Mac OSX: Emulate Internet Explorer, Android and Window phones Here’s a quick, free, and relatively easy way to test IE browsers and emulate Android and Windows phones on Mac OSX – sign up for a free Microsoft account – start using the free Microsoft Edge Remote Tools

Track WordPress Contact Form 7 (CF7) submission with GTM


How to Track WordPress Contact Form 7 (CF7) form submission with Google Tag Manager (GTM) Now that ‘on_sent_ok’ and ‘on_submit’ have officially been removed from ContactForm7 (CF7), you need an alternate way to track when WordPress forms are submitted. From a marketing point-of-view, submitted forms are key events and here’s how to use Google Tag Manager (GTM) […]

Configure MX for a subdomain on ProtonMail


How to Configure MX records for a subdomain on ProtonMail If you are configuring a subdomain to use ProtonMail, it works well though the ProtonMail instructions aren’t clear.  Here’s what you need to do.

How to enable GA enhanced link attribution in GTM


How to enable GA enhanced link attribution in GTM Enabling enhanced link attribution in Google Analytics will give you a clearer picture of which links on a given page are clicked. If you have are linking to another page, with links in the header and the footer, enhanced link attribution will track clicks of the […]

Optimising images and reducing file sizes

Optimizing web images reduce file size

Optimising images and reducing file sizes It’s sometimes difficult to create fast loading web pages, while at the same time including large and full-screen images. Here’s a super easy way to reduce your image sizes by 50% … plus it’s lossless